Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Darkside Aries

They will fight back with anyone who want to interfere with their plans. They love to lead and you better let them do it or they will stamp their feet and find ways to remove you from this earth. Childish behavior and very direct way of doing things.

Darkside Taurus

They love to hangs around with the rich and famous. Once they get into the upper class, they will bully their inferiors. They are suspicious of everyone and very stubborn. Luckily, they are not very smart and they don't get far in life. That's why they hate everyone who is more successful than them.

Darkside Gemini

Heed to the grand master of deception and flattery. They are unfaithful and don't expect them to turn up on time for their appointments. These late comers expect you to be punctual and they love to exploit you so that they can save money. They are good listeners provided what you have are gossips.

Darkside Cancer

They are the tissue of the zodiac, forever absorbing the negatives part of other peoples' life. And they will get so stressed out that they exploded like a sudden earthquake. They are paranoid and very cunning individual. They need to moan about everyone and enjoy gloating at others.

Darkside Leo

These self centered individuals are easily deceived when you praised them to cloud nine. They believe everything that you said good about them. They love to be the center of attractions and always think that they are superior than others. They love the limelights and do anything to have it. They are the King of the Zodiac. Proud and ego people.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Darkside Virgo

Pointing out mistakes and failures are their day to day operations. They cast sarcastic jokes on you. Each time, they spots a flaw, it gives them a sense of superiority over you. They are over critical and this is why they are lonely people. Most people can't stand them because they are so particulars about details to the finest point.

Darkside Libra

Libra the only non living thing symbol. Forever adjusting itself to be balanced. They are very insecure people and is obessed to have someone to love them, admired them and pampered them. They need endless amount of emotional fuels. They lack of strengths and are vain pots despite their easy going manner. They LOVES to spend money.

Darkside Scorpio

Everyone seems to know that Scorpio are ruthless and will stop at nothing to fulfil their desires. Beside their hunger for power and their domineering characters, they are also extremely jealous. They love to demoralise you because it is a pleasure for them to undermine your success. Their greatest interest is sex and it is easy to fall in love with them.

Darkside Sagittarius

In order to get their own way, they will promise you the moon and the stars and make you love them. But they usually break their promises moments later because they live by the motto of "Always put off until tomorrow what could be done today". Sagittarius are never on time and they hate doing houseworks. They are also known for their tactless and implusive actions which could be a total embarrassment at gatherings or parties.

Darkside Capricorn

They are the most opinionated and self centered zodiac sign and they are proud of it. It's so cruelly true that they make correct judgment most of the times. They never jeopardise their ambitions with personal relationship. They are blunt and old fashioned and tiresome just like those folks in your home. The most irritating thing is that they will live to an ripe old age just to spite everyone.

Darkside Aquarius

Don't be fooled by the kind, eccentric, humanitarians Aquarius nature or you could be in deep shit. Beneath their good and friendly behavior lurks the secret ambitions to be famous and they'll betray anyone to reach the top. They love to hog the limelight and constantly seeking attentions. Their excuse for being completely emotionally unattached is "I'm an independent individual". They are useless in most jobs unless it is part time or had some fame associated with it.

Darkside Pisces

Pisces are known for their irrational thinking and dreaming nature. They loves to beat around the bushes and never give a straight answer even if they could. They are sly and non commital. People are normally tricked by them to comply with their wishes. They will fake innocence just to get help from others, so never trusts them whole heartedly. Lazy and manipulative by nature, Pisces will work you to the bone.